What do you eat when you go out to eat at non-vegan restaurants ? I'm trying to eat 801010 but I go out to eat all the time at non-vegan restaurants

I do too! A lot! I follow 801010 90% of the time and I allow myself some wiggle room for social time. It’s hard when you’re out with friends and no one eats like you, you don’t want to not be a part of the social experience. Even non vegan restaurants will have food you can eat! And 9/10 times if you request modifications they will gladly do it. Try grabbing a salad and if it has cheese in it just say you are lactose intolerant and to please leave it off. Ask for no dressing if it’s something with dairy and some fresh lime on the side instead. If it’s Mexican food get guacamole and chips, veggies quesadilla, or a tortilla soup, if it’s Japanese get some veggie rolls, if it’s French grab a salad and fries which is always on the menu. Order some fresh squeezed juices. You can make it work! If you eat your others meals fruit based, and very 801010, you can use your restaurant time to have your protein and healthy fats. I also don’t make a huuuuge fuss if something has a tiny splash of dairy, I do my best to avoid it but once in a blue moon I might have something small with it. And don’t be afraid to specially ask for something. Most places will work with you and you can always use the excuse of being allergic to something if they give you a hard time (which I don’t think they would) make some smoothies on the go as well so that you aren’t starving or grab some fruit and eat that before going out so that you can indulge in some non 801010 things and still eat enough. It’s not about being perfect, just do your best! xx



foxes eating rabbits or lions catching antelope 

is not in any way shape or form 

the same thing

as people mass producing, forcefully breeding non-human animals, and slaughtering them by the hundreds of millions to be packaged into plastic wrapped cartons for you to buy from a store that you drove your car to

shut up