any books you would recommend to start a plant based lifestyle such as yours?

Yep yep!
801010 by dr graham! That’s what started me on it. It’s a super easy read, I read it one night on my phone actually haha
But I use it as a guide, I don’t think anyone should follow what another person has to say 100% because everyone is different…
It says to cut our alcohol… Thaaaaats not happening haha… And salt, soy sauce, vinegar etc… I try to limit those things but I rather not cut them out totally because I still like them. Do what feels right for you! xx

your hair is so long and beautiful!!!!! I love!!!!

Ahhhhhh noooooo it’s not! :( not for me anyway haha but thank you!
It use to be down to my lower back/butt and one night I decided to chop it all off around my ear length… Eeekkkkkkkk Worst mistake ever. It’s been 2 years now and it’s still not back to what it use to be… But it’s getting there I guess… If anyone has tips for growth pleeeeeeeeease let me know. xx

Chilali I've been following your Instagram for a while now and since I haven't been a very good eater throughout my entire life you've motivated me to go 801010 but I'm completly new at this and idk anything about what to eat and such. What's it been like in your experience? Hope to hear from you soon x❤️

Ahhhh I’m so sorry I haven’t been on tumblr much (just queued stuff) so I’m just now answering…
I recommend the book 801010 by dr graham to get you started. I take the book with a grain of salt, meaning I don’t follow 801010 100%, more of a guide.
Fruit is great in the morning since it digests quickly and gives you energy. Lunch is usually greens for me. And dinner I tend to eat something cooked, like sushi, potatoes, veggie stir fry, pasta… Etc… You can eat anything you want! Don’t focus on trying to stick to a strict diet, food shouldn’t be a main focus in life that you need to work on controlling, it should be easy. If you crave something, have it.
Smoothies are my go to, it’s so quick and easy and you can take them on the go when you’re busy. Make sure you are eating enough greens! Like a lot! It may be a little hard at first but in order to get the right amount of protein you need to. My salads are huge now compared to before. Keep high fatty foods low, oils are super useless, I only use coconut oil for special treats really, avocado is my go to healthy fat!
I could go on for days haha but I hope this helps a little! xx

(part 2) your answer was really helpful! I have sometimes the impression that all we can do is useless .. why bother to study? why make so much effort? I do not feel bad, do not worry. but it hurts me to think that I am attached to people who will not be around in a few years .I love life more than anything but I think it scared me. how do you do to be happy? My message does not make sense but I hope you will come to understand .. thank you for everything chilali xx Rose .

I mean, honestly, that’s just life. Why bother doing anything if we just live and then die…? But you can’t think that way! You have to live in the moment. Worrying so much about the past or the future isn’t healthy. You can’t think what if or when, you have to be alive and fully enjoy the present. You have to give the energy and the effort to something because in that moment it matters. There are a ton of things in my life I wish I hasn’t done or done differently but I wouldn’t be where I am now had I done that. Maybe I would be someplace better… But maybe not!
Enjoy people for what they are to you right now. I have a ton of “ex friends” because that’s just what happens, people drift, through no ones fault sometimes. But I don’t regret the moments I had with them, the memories, the lessons, it all builds you. Don’t think of life as trying to find yourself, think of it as building yourself.
I’m not always happy, I get just as down as anyone else. I get depressed and I have a real temper, things effect me too but you have to sit back and really realize some things just don’t matter. Enjoy the people around you for what it is in the present, if you drift, you drift, oh well, something else is around the corner, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try and it doesn’t mean it was a waste of time. As long as you are happy in the present, that’s all that matters xx